How To Gain The Power To Create Intense Musical Emotion

You may have wondered how your favorite musicians manage to create great music. You will be able to feel intense emotions while listening to their music. To be a great musician and guitarist, you must understand the importance of musical expression. The ability to control emotion in music will allow you to have a profound effect on the listening experience.

Many guitarists desire to be better at playing their guitar. Unfortunately, many don’t know how. This results in a lot wasted time practicing guitar and not producing big results. The solution is to have a deeper understanding of how creativity can be developed in music.

Many guitarists search their favorite music for inspiration and play these riffs over and over to improve their musical creativity. Although it is enjoyable to play the guitar, this does not help with musical expression. This will prevent you from achieving the two most crucial parts of music creation: emotion and creativity.

  1. It is important to understand how great musicians and guitarists think. It is important to understand why great guitarists and musicians pick the notes and ideas they do. This is something that you won’t be able to learn if your only focus is on the “notes” of your favorite songs or guitar solos. You can’t just play the same notes that other musicians. Instead, think about the emotions and make the right musical choices to express them. When you reach this level of musical creativity you can create your own sound according to the ideas and emotions in your head.
  2. When playing a solo guitar or writing music, you need to be able to express certain emotions. It is important to communicate clearly with your audience what emotions you wish to express through your music. Many guitarists have difficulty doing this, and end up playing only the music of others.

When it comes to music theory, there is a wide divide among guitarists. Many people shun music theory because they believe it limits their freedom to express themselves musically. Some people believe that music theory must be understood in order to make music. These two views are insufficient when it comes down to the overall purpose of music theory.

Music theory is what? Music theory can be used to describe accurately the effects of musical ideas upon the emotions of anyone who listens to a piece.

Music Theory: Change your Mindset

Understanding the true nature of music theory will likely change your view about what music theory is. Music theory does not simply explain the function of scales or chords in music. Music theory is more about explaining why certain ideas make us feel certain emotions. This knowledge will help you develop great musical expression skills.

Here’s an example that illustrates how you can apply this idea. As a guitar teacher, my students spend a lot time learning how to express themselves creatively. One exercise I use is for my students to write down the emotions they want to express with their guitar music. Then I ask them to list the best ways to achieve their musical expressions by using a variety if music theory ideas.

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